Yorkie Names: 50 Awesome, Adorable & Silly Ideas

The top Yorkie names are those that describe one of the most significant and attractive qualities of this breed: their lively and bubbly personality that is in no way a reflection of their delicate exterior.

Yorkie Terriers have been a highly popular breed owing to their impressive behavioral traits and other characteristics.

Yorkie names should, therefore, be descriptive of these commendable qualities possessed by a Yorkie Terrier.

The name that you choose for your Yorkie may either reflect its high-spirited persona that negates its small size or describes its success at being the best kind of companion dog for toddlers and old people alike.

Some of the most thoughtful, descriptive, and creative Yorkie names have been enlisted below to enable you to make the best decision about the title that your cherished pet will carry with it for the rest of its life.

A small brown and black dog with its paw towards you
Hello, my name is Caesar.

Male Yorkie Names

  • Alfred

As far as small dog names go, Alfred has been a popular choice owing to its definition.

This Yorkie name is a diminutive of “elves” and means “a counsel of elves”, which makes it ideal for a small dog with a petite frame.

  • Rowdy

Much unlike the Yorkie names that refer to the size of this breed, Rowdy is a name that covers the exuberant and boisterous personality of your pet which always keeps it in high spirits.

  • Bugsy

This adorable Yorkie name is an elaboration of the bug-eyed Yorkie’s physical appearance.

As small as a bug with a pair of bug-eyes sitting on its sweet face, the Yorkie Terrier is an ideal candidate for this moniker.

  • Button

Another reference to the round, bright eyes of your Yorkie, Button is a name that can also be used to refer to the cuteness of your pet, considering the phrase “as cute as a button”.

  • Spark

A sparky and lively pet deserve a Yorkie name that precisely highlights its hyper and energetic persona.

  • Caesar

This is another Yorkie name that describes the physical appearance of your pet.

Caesar is originally a Latin name and means “long-haired”.

Therefore, this powerful name aptly describes the long length of hair that is found on the Yorkie’s fur coat.

Additionally, the name is a reference to the powerful and mighty Roman conqueror, Julius Caesar, and there is no doubt about the fact that your tiny pet has a large personality that likes to take charge and rule over its surroundings.

  • Wyatt

This male English name is more descriptive of the Yorkie’s courageous attitude.

This is because it means “brave” or “hardy”, both of which are adjectives that can easily be used to encompass the tough and robust demeanor of the Yorkshire Terrier.

  • Liam

This Yorkie name means “strong-willed”, thus perfectly encapsulating the independent streak and the single-mindedness that is strongly present in the character of your Yorkie.

  • Garnet

If you want to consider Yorkie names that speak of the color of your Yorkie’s coat rather than its size, Garnet is a name that will refer to the reddish-brown fur of your pooch.

It is a precious gemstone of red color, thus not only making an association with the fur color but also with the value that your beloved pet holds in your eyes.

  • Velcro

Yorkshire Terriers are known to get exceptionally attached to their owners and the human family.

You can forget all about the concept of space if you’re considering getting this pet because your Yorkie will be glued to you at all times.

Considering the brand of fasteners known as Velcro, this Yorkie name will precisely refer to your pet’s clinginess and extreme desire to stick close to its family, always feeling like an important part of it.

  • Atom

The most minute particle of all matter, an atom is a depiction of the delicate measurements of your tiny toy dog.

  • Rocco

This fun Yorkie name has Germanic roots and is ideal to describe the feisty and vocal character of your Yorkie.

In literal terms, Rocco means “battle cry”, hence it is a fitting name to chronicle your pet’s tendency to bark or howl at something or someone that it is not comfortable around.

  • Romeo

Your Yorkie is definitely going to be a charmer.

Its highly attractive looks coupled with its loving tendencies make the Yorkshire Terrier a suitable candidate for this Shakespearean title.

Romeo is a name of Italian origin.

  • Marquis

A unique name of French roots, Marquis is translated to “lord of the marches” and is used to refer to a nobleman belonging to a legacy of noble ancestors.

  • Buzz

For your exuberant pet that looks like it is always buzzing with joy and energy.

This Yorkie name is also a reference to Buzz Lightyear, one of the main characters in the Disney movie series, Toy Story, which was portrayed as a strong and bold individual that left no stone unturned when it came to helping out his friends.

This name would say a lot about the unquestionable loyalty of your reliable Yorkshire Terrier.

A Yorkshire Terrier with a pink bow
This is Lola.

Female Yorkie Names

  • Mignon

A Yorkie name that means “little cutie” in the French language, Mignon is a classy name for your adorable little girl Yorkie.

  • Lola

A very likable name that refers to a “princess of all things”, this Yorkie name is fitting for a pet that assumes a role as the ruler of the house.

The Yorkshire Terrier’s tendency to take charge is evident with this Yorkie name.

  • Abigail

This is a rather divine Yorkie name that comes from Biblical origins.

Abigail, or Abi in short, describes a woman who understands, which makes this an ideal moniker to be given to a pet that is intellectual, intuitive, and very receptive to its owner’s feelings.

The ability of the Yorkie Terrier to read and interpret human emotion is a remarkable quality that is accentuated with this biblical Yorkie name.

  • Sophie

An elegant name that is a rendition of the name Sophia, which is a Greek word for “wisdom”.

This Yorkie name aptly covers the intelligence and elegance of your graceful Yorkshire Terrier.

  • Fifi

A traditional name that is a common pick for dainty little pooches like the Yorkshire Terrier.

Originally, this is a French Yorkie name.

  • Sassy

Your pompous but elegant Yorkshire Terrier comes with a lot of sass that it will always make very evident with the way it behaves with humans and animals around it.

This Yorkie name thus goes very well with your spirited pet that has a love of life like no other animal.

  • Tia

This Yorkie name is short and to the point.

Tia is a name that means “princess”, which makes it an elegant title to adorn over your petite pet.

  • Tatlana

The meaning of this name is very intriguing.

It means “queen of fairies” and you can definitely draw parallels between a fairy and your precious Yorkie.

Of course, wherever the Yorkie goes, it will settle for no less than the position of the leading ruler.

Hence, you would not be wrong to refer to your Yorkie as a queen.

  • Sylvia

This Yorkie name does not have a meaningful connotation but rather serves as a reference to the smallest, world record-holding dog, Sylvia.

Goes without saying, the reference relates to the tiny size of your companion dog.

  • Leona

For the lion-like personality of your Yorkie Terrier, Leona is a French name that derives from the word “lion”, ideal to describe the fierce characteristics of your pet.

  • Bacio

This Italian Yorkie name is a symbol of love: it means “kiss” in Italian.

Your clingy and expressive Yorkie is bound to give you its dog kisses in the form of several licks and laps across your face.

Embrace these puppy kisses, for there is no love as pure as that of your pet dogs.

  • Dolce

The name of a French dessert, which, in this case, makes for a sweet Yorkie name.

  • Cherie

Another Yorkie name of French roots, Cherie means “darling” and is a lovely way to address your precious Yorkie.

  • Vida

An Indian origin Yorkie name that simply means “wisdom”, ideal to capture the intelligence of a smart Yorkshire Terrier.

  • Victoria

A regal Yorkie name that is not only a reference to Queen Victoria of Britain but is also an original Latin name that means “conqueror”.

A small Yorkie looking up at you
Her name is Victoria and she loves it.

Cute Yorkie Names

  • Lakota

This unique Yorkie name can be applied to both a male or a female Yorkie.

It means “friend”, and is thus a sweet way to address your faithful companion.

  • Spunky

A self-explanatory Yorkie name that completely captures the essence of your sprightly and jumpy Yorkie.

  • Zippy

For a pet that has quick movements and tends to zip from one place to another, this Yorkie name describes its movements and its gait.

  • Pixel

A fun moniker for a Yorkie that is a play around the word “pixie” which refers to a small-sized creature that resembles a fairy.

  • Reese

Reese is a Welsh name more commonly used for male dogs.

It means “enthusiasm”, which aptly describes your lively and excitable pet.

  • Scooter

If you want a name that captures the sharp, spontaneous movements of your pet, often in a sudden outburst of energy, Scooter is a fitting name that will describe this quality.

  • Milo

A male name for a Yorkie puppy, Milo is a name that refers to something uncertain, but likely to be peaceful, which is an apt explanation of your Yorkie’s unpredictable behavior.

  • Comet

A celestial object of the Solar System that displays itself as a shooting star, which is a magnificent way of referring to your pet.

  • Corky

For your quirky goofball that is always up to some silly mischief, albeit usually for the sole purpose of entertaining its owner.

  • Fabio

Fabio means “bean” in Latin and is a reference to the small size of the Yorkie Terrier.

It is a fun title to give to a pet dog.

  • Cha Cha

A sweet, two-syllable Yorkie name that will attract the attention of your Yorkie.

Cha Cha refers to a fast-paced, happy dance and is a delightful name for your cheery little pet that will Cha Cha on its paws all day long.

  • Minnie

For your miniature pooch, this Yorkie name does the job of letting people know that you’re calling out to a small-sized canine.

  • Goober

A rustic name that literally means “peanut” and is often used to call out to a cute little animal or being.

  • Jazz

A musical reference that serves as a Yorkie name that will add a lot of pizzazz to your already glamorous Yorkie Terrier.

  • Sprite

While this name applies to both genders, in literal terms, Sprite means “tiny fairy” so you might want to consider it for a female Yorkie.

  • Anastasia

This is quite a popular name due to how attractive it sounds and its feminine connotations. The name originates from Greek where the word ‘anastasis’ meant ‘resurrection’.

This name is very common for female Yorkies around Russia and Eastern Europe.

Give this name to your dog if it is very brave, does not back down from challenges, and most importantly, is quick to recover after losing.

  • Biscuit

Not only is this name very easy, but it is also humorous and entertaining.

Biscuit is a unisex name that is highly appropriate for very small-sized Yorkies. This name has Scottish roots and is used to refer to someone of small stature, just like a Yorkie.

Choose this name for playful, lovable, affectionate, and tiny dogs.

  • Ethan

This is a fancy name for a male Yorkie which exudes elegance and class.

This name means strong, firm, and brave, and has Hebrew origin where it is highly respected.

If your dog acts courageous and does not engage with every other person because of its high standards, Ethan will perfectly describe its regal qualities.

  • Duchess

This is yet another elegant and regal name, but for a female Yorkie.

The name has French roots where it meant the wife or widow of a Duke.

However, it is very suitable for a small Yorkie who has a mind of its own and is spoilt by everyone’s love.

Also, this name highlights the dog’s immense importance in your life.

  • Rambo

If you are looking for a funny name for your very entertaining Yorkie, Rambo is an amazing choice.

Though it is considered American, the name has French, Italian, Swedish, and German roots, and means ‘rebellious’ or ‘reckless’.

It is perfect for your male Yorkie if it loves having fun and breaking the boundaries once in a while when it is being playful.

The Most Popular Yorkie Name of All Time

  • Toto

Ever since the appearance of a Yorkshire Terrier in the legendary movie, The Wizard of Oz, Toto has gained immense recognition and has been adopted as a Yorkie name across several households with dogs.

The character in the movie series was described as a small black dog with small, deep black eyes and a silky, luscious fur coat.

In addition to the movies, Toto was a regular feature in the books of the same name as well and has since then amassed great popularity amongst Yorkie owners across the globe.