12 Things Only Yorkshire Terrier People Understand

Yorkie love! Nothing compares to the unbridled, enthusiastic love of a fun and fuzzy Yorkshire terrier. They’re packed with personality and zest for life, and they make wonderful companions for those lucky enough to become their family. Want to know more about this sprightly toy breed? Yorkie people have these breed facts down by heart.

Yorkies are super-active

yorkshire terrier people

These little guys are bundles of energy! Whether it’s a healthy romp in the yard or a walk around the block, they need some time every day to run and roam. You can keep the pace easy when you walk them, however, so those little legs don’t get worn out.

Yorkies + apartment living = success

Yorkshire terriers can make great apartment dogs. Although they are bouncy, they’re a small breed, so you can even exercise them indoors if you need to. Caveat: be sure to work on their barking tendencies with good training and socialization, because Yorkies can be noisy.

Yorkie puppies are a tad difficult to potty train

Just like little humans, Yorkshire terrier puppies can be tough to potty train. Some pet lovers have found success through crate training (which can help dogs feel safe and secure), and by taking them out regularly for potty breaks. Make sure to give them lots of encouragement and love instead of scolding them for accidents.

Yorkies are fashion-forward friends

There’s no other breed that can pull off a smokin’ style like a Yorkshire terrier! Dress them up or down, and accessorize them in everything from dog hoodies to crystal-encrusted collars. Your Yorkie deserves to be glamorous.

Looking for a way to celebrate your Yorkie love with some clothing or statement jewelry? Find something cute just for you from our Yorkie themed gift guide.

They may be tiny, but they’re fierce!

Though they’re only pint-sized pups, Yorkshire terriers have big personalities. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), feistiness is practically a requirement for the breed. They’re always willing to stand up for themselves, even when they’re the smallest dog in the fight, and their spunky temperament has earned this breed the nickname “the tomboy toy.” Like other terrier dogs, they’re confident and courageous. A Yorkie won’t back down…and that’s one of the reasons we love them.

Yorkshire terriers can peacefully coexist with kids

Yes, Yorkies have gotten a bad rap when it comes to coexisting with kids. This might be due to a Yorkie’s small size and a child’s tendency to play rough. Children need to be taught that even small dogs must be respected and handled gently. Remember: it’s normal for a toy dog (especially one with the fierceness of a Yorkie), to try to defend themselves.

But your Yorkie does need to be redirected if she snaps or growls at your little one, and rewarded for behaving well around kids. With persistence and training, Yorkies and kiddos can truly bond and make a magnificent, mischievous team.

Yorkie hair is similar to human hair!

Known for glossy, shiny strands, these dogs need to be brushed out regularly, which is the only way to avoid mats and tangles. At dog shows, you’ll see the Yorkie sporting lush hairdos. But if you’re staying at home, you might want keep their hair sassy and short (you just might want to hit up a professional for the job). See our list of popular Yorkie hairstyles for inspiration.

It is true that Yorkies don’t shed much, which makes them great for people with allergies. But be warned: no dog breed is actually 100% hypoallergenic since they all have dander, which is typically the true cause of allergies.

Yorkshire terriers have humble beginnings

You’d never know from their fabulous looks (and attitudes), but the Yorkshire terrier breed was originally tasked with catching rats in mines and textile mills in 19th century England. Now, they’re one of the most popular breeds in the United States, acting as companions, salty sidekicks, cuddly lap dogs, and hair tossing show dogs. My, how far these little guys have come!

Yorkies need extra dental care

Any breed of dog is prone to certain health issues. Unfortunately, Yorkshire terriers tend to have dental problems and will generally need to visit the doggy dentist a few times during their lifetime to deal with tartar and other issues. Yorkies are also more likely than other dogs to have certain genetic disorders (check with your breeder or vet for more information on Yorkie health problems). But with a typical lifespan of 11-15 years (sometimes up to 20!), you can usually expect a Yorkie to stay by your side for a good long time.

Brave little dogs

Have you ever heard of the dog Smoky? This courageous Yorkie was a famous World War II hero who parachuted out of airplanes and went on more than 100 missions. Once these missions were over, her owner Corporal Bill Wynne took her to visit injured American soldiers, making her one of the first known therapy dogs. Learn more about the incredible Smoky here.

Yorkies won’t turn down a cuddle party

Do you have a lap? A Yorkie will love that. A lover of all things comfortable, the Yorkshire terrier enjoys cuddling with loved ones and snuggling into everything soft and fluffy. And for you, their silky coat isn’t too bad for petting. You can see why they may have moved on from ratting to the more luxurious life of a cozy companion dog. They typically bond intensely to one person and give them lots of extra affection. Lucky you!

Yes…they can get a little loud

Yorkies were bred to alert humans to the presence of rats in textile mills, so they know how to use their lungs. On the plus side, Yorkies make excellent guard dogs because they’ll always let you know that someone is approaching. On the other hand…there’s that shrill Yorkie bark. As with any dog, if you take the time to train and socialize your pup, you should be able to get the bark under control.